Inclusive design: papers to be presented at the Include2009 Conference

Inclusive design


Several members of the HCDI’s inclusive designresearch group will be presenting their work at the Include09 conference(, Royal College of Art,London, between5-8 April 2009.  


The papers include:

‘Anthropometrics without numbers’ by Farnaz Nickpour and Hua Dong

‘Inclusive design for air travel’ by Laura Bairdand Hua Dong

‘Human-centred design: an emerging conceptualmodel’ by Ting Zhang and Hua Dong

‘User characteristics: professional users vs layusers’ by Abduselami Cifter and Hua Dong


The conference proceedings are available from



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About Human Centred Design Institute

Human Centred Design is an approach that integrates multidisciplinary expertise towards enhancing human well-being and empowering people. It leads to systems, machines, products, services and processes which are physically, perceptually, cognitively and emotionally intuitive to use. The Human Centred Design Institute (HCDI) brings together researchers and business professionals with expertise in areas such as branding, computer science, engineering, ergonomics, management, philosophy and psychology who wish to develop new knowledge and skills in the field of Human Centred Design. For more information about our efforts to promote Human Centred Design please visit:

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