HCDI Public Engagement event confirmed!

Our young HCDI team member, Farnaz Nickpour has won a Public Engagement grant form the Research Council UK as part of the RCUK’s National Science & Engineering Week Awards 2010. The focus of this award is to support researchers in engaging the public with issues relating to science and engineering.

HCDI’s inclusive design research team, will run a one day public engagement event in Uxbridge Town Centre, aiming to fully engage diverse local groups with the idea + application of Inclusive Design in their daily life, through a number of fun and creative activities.

Join our HCDI team for a day of fun + inspiration + community sharing!

Further details regarding this event will be posted here soon. Check this space!

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About Human Centred Design Institute

Human Centred Design is an approach that integrates multidisciplinary expertise towards enhancing human well-being and empowering people. It leads to systems, machines, products, services and processes which are physically, perceptually, cognitively and emotionally intuitive to use. The Human Centred Design Institute (HCDI) brings together researchers and business professionals with expertise in areas such as branding, computer science, engineering, ergonomics, management, philosophy and psychology who wish to develop new knowledge and skills in the field of Human Centred Design. For more information about our efforts to promote Human Centred Design please visit: http://hcdi.brunel.ac.uk/

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