New mobile interface of Windows Mobile 7 Series

The platform of Windows Mobile 7 Series has been launched recently. According to the introduction video, the platform attempts to provide the concept of ‘seamless experiences’ via the Internet linkage to connect people and their life (people, photo, social network sites, map and so on). It also emphasizes the size of icons of calling, texting, email, social networking sites, and photo on the first frame (take a look of Blackberry series, they have done the work long time ago). 

Part of my previous study shows the user’s judgement to a mobile phone might be influenced by a lot of factors. Although some interfaces are easy to operate, the sensitive of the touch screen is one of the main points, over sensitive or dull, pressure detect (LG) or temperature detect(iPhone, Samsung).

The mobile phone that applies Windows Mobile 7 series might be launched during Christmas 2010. Let’s wait and see how the hardware and the software cooperate for a good performance.

Windows Mobile 7 Series introduction video on YouTube

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