COTEN – service designing higher education

COTEN – service designing higher education
Over the past decade a great deal of attention has been paid to the structure, nature and design of school curricula. In many cases the results have been less than inspiring, if not deeply damaging, especially in the area of the arts.
The past decade has also seen the rise of service design, co-creation, online communities, and creative collaboration in online learning and teaching environments as well as open-source approaches that have been applied to public services and have encouraged bottom-up innovation.

COTEN will bring together participants for seven weeks, with international project convenors and special guests, to work collaboratively within a fully online environment. Participants will form connections with colleagues, receiving regular feedback and support from peers, mentors and established professionals through the Omnium interface.

COTEN will consist of online essays/lectures, discussions and forums for participants to discuss their ideas and produce service design concepts and viable design solutions.


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