Design of Emotional Experiences as a Source for Strategic Competitive Advantage for Employers

Current developments in the international economy are pushing organisations to optimise every aspect of their business, and many are now using design and branding to create emotional connections with customers which result in increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. In some sectors it has become the de facto standard to design experiences which engage human emotions so as to build customer relationships with the organisation, with its products and with its services. Such practices might now also be turned inward in order to engage employees, so as to change mindsets and reduce costs.

Recent HCDI research examines how design and design thinking might provide answers which address the growing chasm between organisations and their employees. Consideration is given to whether an organisation might benefit from strategically designing its employee experiences so as to be inclusive of an emotional dimension. Further, the research considers whether businesses might expect to achieve similar results with their own employees as are routinely achieved with their customers, namely trust, loyalty and satisfaction.

Cox, L. and Boult, J. 2008, Designing Employee Experience: design of emotional experiences as a source for strategic competitive advantage, International DMI Education Conference Design Thinking: New Challenges for Designers, Managers and Organizations, ESSEC Business School, Cergy-Pointoise, France, 14-15 April.


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