Females are More Sensitive to Hand-arm Vibration than Males

HCDI research by Jeon, Ajovalasit and Giacomin has found that females are more sensitive than males to hand-arm vibration. Psychophysical response tests of 20 males and 20 females were performed using a steering wheel rotational vibration simulator and using a category-ratio Borg CR10 scale for the direct estimation of perceived intensity. The stimuli were sinusoidal vibrations in the range from 3 to 400 Hz with acceleration amplitudes from 0.04 to 27 m/s2 r.m.s.. The results suggest a nonlinear dependency of the subjective perceived intensity on both the vibration frequency and amplitude, and confirm that females perceive higher subjective intensities than males, particularly at higher frequencies and amplitudes.

Jeon, B., Ajovalasit, M. and Giacomin, J., 2009, Effects of gender differences on the subjective perceived intensity of steering wheel rotational vibration. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, Vol. 39, No 5, pp 736-743.



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