Top Designers Say Anthropometric Tools Lack Usability and Desirability

New HCDI research has asked top designers the questions:

– What are your sources of anthropometric data ?
– What are your preferences of existing anthropometric data tools ?
– What are your suggestions for the development of new anthropometric tools ?

The information collected from a range of interviews and questionnaires suggests that the use of anthropometric data tools (i.e. books, handbooks, software packages, online sources, etc) by designers is currently limited. The research highlights instead the currently dominant role of experimental methods such as physical prototyping.

The study concludes that current anthropometric tools lack ‘usability’, “usefulness” and ‘desirability’ and that more needs to be done to develop more exciting and effective tools in support of designers.

Nickpour, F. and Dong, H. 2011, Designing Anthropometrics! Requirements Capture for Physical Ergonomic Data for Designers, The Design Journal, Volume 14, Number 1, March, pp. 92-111(20)


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