The Six Stages of Co-Creation

A current hot topic in the design sector is the emerging trend of co-creation, a practice which involves users and other stakeholders in the design process from early inception. This recent evolution of the general practice of participatory design attempts to break through key organisational and psychological barriers within a business such as the reluctance to change, the reluctance to share information, short-term thinking, risk-aversion, stakeholder pressures, time and cost pressures, concerns about intellectual property, concerns about consumer reliability and a lack of belief in ordinary people’s ability to be creative.

New research suggests a strategic framework for co-creation based on six key co-creation stages: prepare, plan, manage, analyse, build and learn. Further, three key values of the co-creation process have been identified: stimulate, engage and inspire. The new framework and values provides a simple and clear strategic framework for use by businesses and other organisations who wish to perform co-creation.

Hamid, J. and Choi, Y. 2011, Co-creation between organisations and consumers, Participatory Innovation Conference (PINC 2011), Sonderborg, Denmark, 13-15 January.


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