Human Centred or Non-Human Centred Designs ?


Bloomberg News reports that Benetton is one of the first high street names to deploy the $5,000 data gathering mannequins from Italy’s Almax.

The mannequins are called EyeSee and have a camera installed in an eye which performs facial recognition of the passers by. The technology logs the gender, age and race of the passers-by. The device provides eye-level views of customers as they interact with the clothes which are being worn by the mannequin, permitting the gathering of revealing statistics about the customers themselves and about their behaviour. EyeSee permitted one unnamed retailer to note that children made up more than half of its afternoon traffic, and the retailer was able to act by introducing a children’s clothing line. In another example a retailer noted that one-third of its patrons after 4 PM were Asian, thus it hired Chinese-speaking staff.

Are such technologies being deployed to help people or to spy on people ?

Human Centred on Non-Human Centred ?


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