Divided Brain, Divided World

A new report from the RSA titled “Divided Brain, Divided World” explores the practical significance of the scientific fact that the two hemispheres of the human brain have radically different ‘world views’. It argues that the failure to learn lessons from the financial crash, or from climate change may stem from a literal loss of perspective. The evidence-based case is that the abstract, articulate, instrumentalising world view of the left hemisphere is gradually usurping the more contextual, holistic but relatively tentative world view of the right hemisphere. The report emerges from a workshop which led to a range of written reflections on the strength and significance of the ideas, including critique, clarification and illustrations of relevance in particular domains, including economics, behavioural economics, climate change, NGO campaigning, patent law, ethics, and art. In particular, “Divided Brain, Divided World” features a lengthy dialogue between author and psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist and the Director of the RSA’s Social Brain Centre, Dr Jonathan Rowson.



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