Design for Situation Awareness


The growing popularity of interactive media, intelligent environments and big-data interfaces is causing “situation awareness” to become an ever more important concern of designers. Once the exclusive realm of military systems, “situation awareness” is a growing concern for designers since they must achieve products, systems and services which do not overwhelm the spatial and temporal abilities of the users. Given the huge range of technological opportunities and interaction affordances on offer today, designers are now asking many questions about how easy it will be for the people to understand the physical relationships between the things which the system is informing about, and how the relevant mental models might change over time with changes in the data which the system uses or with changes in the system software due to updates and upgrades.

“Designing for Situation Awareness: an approach to user-centred design” provides a systematic approach to such questions, and more than fifty design principles for use by designers and engineers. The authors, Mica R. Endsley and Debra G. Jones, are leading experts in the study and application of situation awareness in advanced systems.…


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