Forum on Smart Buildings – People, Performance and the Future beyond BIM

For the first time, building management systems (BMS) increasingly have the capability to assist in these objectives, and to learn and even anticipate their occupants’ needs and preferences. What are the potential applications for smart building technologies and what are the probable challenges? How can the industry get ready for it? What role does BIM serve in beginning this journey and how must it and construction industry evolve to the smart buildings and cities societies needs and inevitably demand?

Whetstone is exploring the Built Environment in the Information Age; big data, open data and social media: how data technologies and machine learning can integrate design, construction & operation teams (Built Environment manufacture), through cooperative collaboration; to produce Low Cost, Low Carbon Outputs (buildings) that enable effective Outcomes (people using buildings).


Paul Fletcher – humanist, thought leader, architect (
Topic: What is SMART, what does it mean for society (people) and the built environment (process) that serves them.

Richard Saxon – Client and business adviser, UK BIM Ambassador for Growth (
Topic: Overview of BIM and Growth, including export, how BIM opens the way to ‘Digital Built Britain’ where assets are both real and virtual.

Dale Sinclair – Director of Dyer (
Topic: RIBA Plan of Work 2013, its relationship to the contractual landscape and the importance of stages 7 and 0

Ray Crotty – Founder and MD of C3 Systems Limited and author of "Impact of Building Information Modelling" (
Topic: BIM, evolution of construction to manufacture and precision engineering

Tony Williams – Director of Cube Controls Ltd, specialist in building control systems and part of the RAEng panel (
Topic: The learning, human centric building

4th December 2013 at 18:00
Cavendish Conference Centre
One America Square
London EC3N 2LB