Herman Miller Introduces Living Office™


Working with leading experts and designers, Herman Miller Inc. has uncovered new insights about how people think, how people are motivated and how people create and collaborate. The result is a different approach to managing people and their work, the tools and products that enable that work, and the places where people come together to do it. A more human-centered integration of these elements creates a total work experience that is more natural and desirable, and within it the opportunity for individuals and organizations to achieve a new dynamic of shared prosperity. Herman Miller calls it Living Office.

For more than two years, across six continents, with multiple experts and organizations and many thousands of data points, Herman Miller has been conducting primary research into the evolving nature of work and place. In the course of its research the company has also uncovered dramatic data on the state of current office space usage and performance: typically private offices are unoccupied 77 percent of the day, while workstations are unoccupied 60 percent of the day; conference rooms are rarely used to capacity; and people increasingly choose ‘social’ spaces over less social areas.

The company has identified and defined ten Modes of individual and group work, as well as ten related Settings essential to today’s global work experience. Herman Miller emphasizes that there is no one-size-fits-all, off-the- shelf solution for an optimal workplace. Each Living Office is unique, based on the distinctive purpose, character, and activities of its inhabitants and the design ingredients selected to satisfy them.