19th DMI Academic Design Management Conference – Design Management in an Era of Disruption

Hosted by the London College of Fashion
September 2–4, 2014 London, United Kingdom

Abstracts submission deadline: January 15th 2014
Full papers submission deadline: 16th May 2014

The Design Management Institute has issued a call for papers for the 19th Academic Design Management Conference to be held in London, UK September 2–4, 2014. We welcome early-career researchers and PhD candidates with work in progress. We are also seeking those interested in conducting workshops.

The theme of the conference is Design Management in an Era of Disruption. The management of design has arguably never played such an important role as it does today. Changes to the business and social environment are making consumers more knowledgeable and discerning. Innovations and developments in new technologies make it possible to respond to these demands in the form of mass-niche, mass-customized, or micro-niche product strategies, leading to changes in business models and the location of manufacturing as consumers increasingly participate in the product design and development process. These are all indicative of major disruptions to the ways that products and services are designed, made, and distributed. The role of the designer is in many contexts transformed. The purpose of this conference is to explore how design management is changing in this era of disruption.

The conference is organized around 7 meta themes divided into 19 tracks:

1. Design in the creation of meaning
1a) Designers as cultural intermediaries in an era of flux
1b) Contemporary brand design
1c) Design management and artistic interventions

2. Transformational design management
2a) User-centred design (UCD): A disruptive business enabler for sustainable consumption?
2b) Exploring collaboration in product development: the good, the bad and the ugly
2c) Managing consumer involvement in product development
2d) Enterprise eco system design

3. Contextualised designing
3a) Co-creating shared value in service design
3b) Design in the creative and cultural industries (CCIs) in an era of disruption
3c) Social and sustainable design management

Design management futures
4a) New modes of design management
4b) Design management: future perspectives
4c) The role of designers in the shift towards product service systems

5. Design thinking, leadership and impact
5a) Design Leadership
5b) Public policy and services informed by a design approach
5c) Measuring the impact of design – and design thinking – in an era of disruption
5d) Design(ers) thinking and disruptive business model innovation: creating mental models or tangible models?

6. Educating Design Managers For Strategic Roles — Design Management Education

7. Open Track