Metrics for Healthcare Environments

The "Metrics for Healthcare Environments" webinar will start out with an overview of the current state of the healthcare industry with a focus on how regulatory measurements have shifted to align healthcare design practice with the measurable effectiveness of facility performance and overall patient/user satisfaction. It will then discuss the design methodologies employed when planning comprehensive patient experiences in complex healthcare facilities and campuses. It will then shift to the scale of the user and look at the mechanisms that designers are using to create effective and holistic communication and interactive platforms for administrators, visitors, and users alike.

Topics include:

State of healthcare transformation in the US

Impact of policy facility and patient experiences

Overview of existing facility campus analysis and auditing

Strategies for engaging clients and users in developing design strategies

Applying insights into realizable user experiences

Developing effective interactive experiences

Panelists include:

Ellen Taylor, do;it (Pennsylvania)

Greg Nelson, Gensler (Los Angeles)

Leslie Wolke, Leslie Wolke Consulting (Austin)

Thursday, February 27, 2014 – 2:00pm Eastern US