Google Teams Up With Luxottica


Further evidence that technology on its own can no longer meet market demands, and that human centeredness is now a basic requirement of all forms of innovation, can be found in today’s announcement of the deal between Google and Luxottica. With Luxottica’s help, Google hopes to deploy style and fashion to overcome consumer doubts about it’s Glass product. Astro Teller, who oversees the Glass product line at Google X, the company’s innovation lab, said that it is not straightforward to convince people to wear computers on their face and that "this is a fashion problem as much as it is a technology problem". J.P. Gownder of Forrester Research who studies wearable-computing devices has further added that "Partnering with Luxottica is a huge coup for Google because, in one fell swoop, Google could get Glass in front of tens or hundreds of millions of consumers in an eyewear-appropriate setting."