Italdesign Giugiaro GEA: a possible future for luxury autonomous automobiles


Designed and built by Italdesign Giugiaro the GEA concept suggests a possible future for “piloted driving”. A soft relaxed atmosphere was achieved by the use of neutral colours and an emotional theme was achieved via nabuck leather and silk carpet which afford two-tone tactile effects. The main control centre for the rear seats is a sphere-shaped device, which is matched to a LG G-Flex smartphone, which accesses all vehicle functions.

GEA provides three operating modes.The Business Mode turns the car into a traveling office, with the LEDs in the door panels projecting a white light which aids concentration and productivity, while two transparent 19-inch LED screens come down from the roof opposite the rear seats. The dashboard graphics change to match the background of the two screens. The front passenger seat can swivel 180° to face opposite the direction of travel, facilitating dialogue among all passengers.

The Wellbeing Mode which was developed with Technogym allows passengers to perform isometric exercises and provides amber coloured lighting for warmth. A complete fitness environment is achieved via switches which are used to select any one of a number of items of equipment which emerge from the side panels or the floor. A small drawer contains cosmetics and a perfumed pouch for aromatherapy.

Dream Mode is dedicated to relaxation. The LEDs provide blue light, the windows darken and relaxing pictures and images appear on the monitors and front dashboard. Two footrests can be extended out from the seats, and the right-hand rear seat can extended fully to form a bed, similar to typical first class flying arrangements.