An Ontology of the Cell Phone

So what is a smartphone ? A system for talking ? A set of apps for writing and drawing ? Or something else ?

The answer to the question  ? An ontology-generator of a kind which humans have never had before. The modern smartphone gathers in one place within the palm of the hand an ontological system for naming, connecting or doing anything which humans can think of. Never before has it been possible, and never before has it been so necessary, to categorise every aspect of life and to put the results into one neat and tidy semiotic system.

This thought provoking text by philosopher Maurizio Ferraris provides a detailed analysis of what a smartphone means to us. From the differences between physical objects and intellectual theories, to the uses of the smartphone, passing through Meintong’s jungle and many other interesting ideas, this book is stimulating reading for designers, software engineers and experts of experience and meaning.