Bentley “Future of Luxury” Includes a Holographic Butler

Bentley’s new design director, Stefan Sielaff, has introduced the company’s latest thoughts regarding luxury autonomous vehicles. “We have had the equivalent of autonomous cars for the last 100 years in Bentley, from the point of view of the rear seat passenger who had a driver,” Sielaff said. “The way of living is going to change dramatically in the next 20 years. If you look at the world population, three quarters will live in megacities. I’m pretty sure that not everybody will sit in public transport, there is always the demand—especially for luxury customers—to have a private sphere, their own private vehicle. Maybe a luxury customer will be part of a fast-lane club and the swarm [of other autonomous vehicles] will get out of the way when the big shark arrives—we are playing with ideas here.”

Company released images suggest some of the technologies which may appear in their future vehicles. The Speed Six concept showed off “quilted wood” trim. OLED displays are prominent, as are luxury fabrics. A virtual butler, in the manner of the Star Wars films, was possibly the most futuristic idea.