License Tests For Autonomous Cars


The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has used a new report to urge for an upgrade of the European Union’s safety homologation standards for new cars to include a driver’s license test for autonomous vehicles.

“Automated vehicles are already starting to appear on Europe’s roads, but regulators are still stuck in the slow lane,” the ETSC’s Executive Director, Antonio Avenoso, said. The report, “Prioritising the Safety Potential of Automated Driving in Europe”, admits the theoretical benefits of autonomous cars are huge.

“These technologies will clearly mitigate some risks; but they may also create new ones. And Europe is very far from answering the many research and regulatory questions that partly-automated and fully autonomous vehicles present.

“Other road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, will not become automated – how will they manage in a world where they can no longer establish eye contact with drivers before crossing the road?”

License tests for autonomous cars