Unilever Drops Sexist Stereotypes From Ads


A piece in today’s Guardian discusses the recent pledge by Unilever to drop all sexist stereotypes from its advertising so as to eradicate outdated portrayals of gender.

Unilever, the owner of brands including Dove and Lynx, is the world’s second-biggest advertiser and spends €8bn (£6.3bn) a year on more than 400 brands from Sunsilk to Knorr.

Its research found that 40% of the women surveyed said that they do not identify at all with the women they see in advertising.

Only 1% of the ads surveyed showed women being funny.

Only 2% of the ads surveyed showed intelligent women.

Only 3% of the ads surveyed featured women in managerial, leadership or professional roles.

And the surveyed sample was found to disproportionately represent women in domestic roles.

Unilever, which has won a string of awards and critical acclaim for its portrayal of women in its Dove ads, admits it is only the start of the long process.