AutoHabLab: a new approach to automotive co-design

UXPA Giacomin

Like most human habitats the automobile is characterised by multiple perceptions, emotions and social interactions. Drivers and passengers “live” and “socially interact” in their vehicles and thanks to mobile telephony and big-data they increasingly interact in a complex way with machines and with other people across both space and time. Given the sophistication of the context, it would be simplistic to continue to consider the motor vehicle as an environment characterised mostly by the performance of the driving task.

The recent UXPA event “The Changing Nature of Automotive UX” addressed automotive design from a human centred design perspective, and discussed a set of issues and techniques whose focus is firmly on the human needs, desires and experiences which are critical to current and future vehicles. The speakers were Joseph Giacomin of Brunel University HCDI, Rhodri Jones of Bentley and Farnaz Nickpour of Brunel University HCDI.