Human Centred Design is an approach that integrates multidisciplinary expertise towards enhancing human well-being and empowering people. It leads to systems, machines, products, services and processes which are physically, perceptually, cognitively and emotionally intuitive to use.

The human centred designer is a relatively transparent figure who does not impose his or her preferences on a project, but, instead, conveys and translates the will of the people in order to empower them through the final design solution. Human centred design involves techniques which communicate, interact, empathise and stimulate the people involved, obtaining an understanding of their needs, desires and experiences which often transcends that which the people themselves actually knew and realised.

The Human Centred Design Institute (HCDI) brings together a group of experts from four Brunel University Schools who develop the knowledge and skills required to design products, services and systems which are physically, perceptually, cognitively and emotionally intuitive.